November 24, 2020

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Chacha Eke Faani says she’s pregnant with 4th child and it’s to blame for her ‘bipolar’; insists she’s never leaving husband (video)

Chacha Eke Faani says she

Chacha Eke Faani debuted her baby bump as she revealed she’s pregnant with her 4th child and the pregnancy is to blame for her bipolar disorder.


In a lengthy video shared to YouTube, the actress, who initially said she was leaving her marriage with her life, stated that her utterances that day were as a result of mental illness.


She said she acted up when she was pregnant and was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She said it usually gets worse whenever she’s pregnant, then opened up that she’s expecting her 4th child.


She explained that her husband never abused her as her initial video made people think. She showed bottles of pills and said the only problem was that her husband asked her to take her drugs and she flared up and did the video.


Chacha Eke Faani says she


She stated that she will never leave her husband and children.


She also shared a photo she took with her husband, both of them smiling with sunglasses covering their eyes.


Chacha Eke Faani says she


Watch Chacha speak in the video below.